Installation and setup

Please follow this guide carefully. If you have any questions that are not covered here, feel free to contact us.

We will try to improve on the documentation over time . We assume you have installed and activated the theme.

Customisation options

All the theme settings are managed under the new theme customiser. In the main menu go to Appearance > Theme Customizer

You can’t change the font, body text colour or body background from being white at this stage. Coming soon!

Edit the custom header go to  Appearance > Header. Here you can remove or change the header image.
You can also set a custom header on all posts and pages using the Featured Image.
You should have Show header text with your image selected or you will lose the colour selector in the customise screen.

Custom menu

You need to activate a custom menu for the theme to apply the correct styling.

There is one menu location.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menu’s
  2. Enter a new menu name and click save menu.
  3. Select the Top Menu location on the left and save.

You can then add menus items to the menu. Be wary of the  size of the menu. Test how the menu resizes down to the mobile width.

Create a gallery page template

To create a gallery page like the demo you need to create a new page and set the page template to Gallery Page.

You then need to install our Photospace Responsive plugin.

Once you install Photospace you need to set the size of the main image. Go to Photospace Responsive Gallery Options on the main admin menu.

Set the size of the main image to 800 x 800 ( or desired max image size ). This will display the images at the full size on a large monitor.

Set the number of thumbnails to 5 or reduce the size accordingly. This will keep the thumbnails inline on a mobile device.